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A ToyBoard® with PVC COVER guaranteed phthalate-free and anti-microbial, washable with a damp cloth. Adapted accessories. Use indoors and outdoors.

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  • ToyBoard® Basque Bleue ToyBoard® Basque Bleue
    ToyBoard® FIT

    Surfing to surpass oneself. PVC Slipcover - sponge washableFOR SPORTS PROFESSIONSThe FIT model specially designed for FITNESS and PHYSICAL PREPARATION. It offers an entertaining support in imbalance to optimize your sessions of bodybuilding / sheathing, cardios or your stretches.

    179,00 €
  • ToyBoard® NEST ToyBoard® NEST
    NEST ToyBoard®

    N E WThe accessory to optimize the ToyBoard® practice ! The ToyBoard® has found its nest!- increase the difficulty of using the ToyBoard®- diversify the exercises- use it with top athletes (heavyweights)- increase your efficiency and professionalize your practice NEST ToyBoard® is DELIVERED WITHOUT ToyBoard®

    99,00 €
  • ToyBoard FIT + NEST
    ToyBoard FIT red + NEST

    PVC Slipcover - sponge washableFOR SPORTS PROFESSIONSThe FIT model specifically designed for FITNESSand PHYSICAL PREPARATION. Coupled with NEST ToyBoard®its action is amplified and allows athletesto achieve enhanced efficiency.

    279,00 €