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polyester slipcover machine washable

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Our entry-level in the starting blocks, 1,2,3 ...
Beach Call: Sports colors for indoor champions!

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Golden medal Lépine 2016




A reduced size foam surfboard with rounded bottom that can be used anywhere except in the water. It helps you to work proprioception, tonicity and balance but offers, thanks to surfing, a new dimension to the traditional balance board. Its effectiveness, noticeable from the youngest age, convinces adults and delight even seniors!


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Beach call, the taste of salt, the screeching of the sand, the sound of the sea, the song of the seagulls ... You see what i mean ? This summer even more, we all need to travel, to get away. The call of the beach is as heady as it is uncertain! With our summer collection, we are certainly not going to offer you an amazing travel, but rather what you can imagine! Close your eyes, breathe, surf! 


A soft cover for the whole family
stain-resistant and machine washable

  • Velvet look
  • Reinforced underside 
  • Solvent-free water ink
  • Opening by zipper
  • Stitched seams
  • Pocket for zip cursor
  • Machine washable at 40 °
  • Our fabrics are certified OEKO-TEX® and comply with the REACH standard

The ToyBoard® is entirely imagined, developed, designed, injected, sublimated and made in France. We trust French expertise to provide you with a quality product for the whole family.
We work for users who, with no doubt, will know and enjoy the ToyBoard® in a suitable context and safely.

MoussePolyurethane density 70 kg / m³ (MASTER)
Housse TissuFabric 100% Polyester sublimated with water-based inks - NEW: ANTI-STEIN treatment
DimensionsL : 103 cm x P : 39 cm x H : 16 cm
Poids3.2 kg