The story of Thibault Tranchard, the founder of ToyBoard® is atypical. Daddy of a 3-year-old boy, he chose to put his suitcases on a sailboat, today in Hendaye Bay. No subway-work-sleep for this pretty little family that lives with and for nature. Simplicity is for them an art of living, generosity a philosophy. This is how the ToyBoard® idea was born, to please Jules, his little nephew. Jules wanted to ABSOLUTELY try surfing. But now, the little boy is only 4 years old and can't swim. Thibault uses the falls from the new mattress in the forward cabin of the boat to make a custom-made board. It cuts the edges at an angle to slightly disturb the boy's balance. It's the revelation in Jules' eyes, who will spend hours at home on his board having fun, and who will develop impressive powers in terms of motor skills, hability and proprioception. Jules will wear his board to the end and succeed in convincing his uncle to make him another one. But that's also Thibault's revelation! An entrepreneur and builder at heart, the former carpenter is now looking for materials. He also has to design the mould that will serve as the basis for the board's manufacture. Thibault relies on the crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank with the help of the association Aintzina de Saint-Pée-Sur-Nivelle, which accompanies the project leaders. The success was immediate: he raised €11,000 and launched a new business with Surf-TB. He conducts market research and works with ESTIA, the Bidart engineering school and the CCI in Bayonne. In the autumn of 2015, the first boards are marketed on the boutique website. "Since I was a kid, I have been an inventor. I always knew that I was going to create something with my hands,"Thibault recounts, who attended the Compagnons du devoir training course in 2002. Thibault is not in his first invention. For example, in the 1980s, he made a wooden snowboard, a "SandBoard" to run down the dunes of Fort-Mahon in the Bay of Authie where he spent his childhood. At 34, Thibault has now found a new wave to surf, and even though he often thinks back on the construction sites he was able to do in historic monuments, the adventure of the ToyBoard® has only just begun... Thank you Jules; -)

NEW a UNIQUE model, The MASTER model

From the beginning of the adventure, it is the surprise (size!): Initially created for the children, the ToyBoard® wins a big success with the parents but also in various fields of activities hitherto unsuspected. Very quickly, an adult model (MASTER) with a denser foam and therefore more resistant to weight is launched. This model allowing a family use on all types of templates has largely taken over the model JUNIOR. Now the ToyBoard® is only distributed in MASTER model. The JUNIOR model will be dedicated to communities.

I N D O O R  S U R F B O A R D

- a small, foam surfboard with rounded underside

- 1 form 2 densities:

JUNIOR model (- 35Kg)

MASTER model (more than 35Kg)

- to work support, maintain and balance

- develops tonicity and motor skills necessary for surfing

- ideal for working on your take-off

- can be used anywhere except in water

- 100% French product (design AND production)


a real work tool at home or in clubs

allows you to find the support to stand on a board

working on balance

maintain physical fitness

LARGE SUCCESSFUL to the medical professions and in particular to the Kinés


develop muscle strength and loosen ligaments

Allows to work all the muscles of the body, especially legs and back

excellent tool for physical preparation, muscle sheath and proprioception

work out your musculature, posture and posture in a playful way



ToyBoard® offers a wide range of uses for working at home with doctors and instructors.

Helps to prolong the benefits of physiotherapist sessions at home in the case of pathologies linked to traumatic injuries to the lower limbs such as sprained an ankle, etc. 

Allows you to work in a playful way on the overall motor skills (walking, running, jumping, throwing / catching an object, balance, climbing...)

Prevent the risk of falling by stimulating the muscles but also the control of space in situations of imbalance.



To promote the child's development through play and the search for balance. 
To grow well, a child needs to use both body and mind. With the ToyBoard®, mastering your body and space becomes child's play!

Learn to find your own equilibrium and find your way around space.
The ToyBoard® is a learning object to gain autonomy and self-confidence. The spirit of the board is to let the child apprehend and find his balance alone. At first, it's a guaranteed fall! Then the child progresses, gains in precision of gestures, refocusing, sheathing. He learns to concentrate, to listen to his body and his sensations. He also becomes aware of the place of his body in space, his weight, the gestures that bring him to balance... So many elements that will help him to develop physically and increase his faculties of concentration.

Develop creativity and imagination.
The kids love it. When they discover it, you can see in their eyes the urge to jump and roll over. The ToyBoard® is an object that they quickly pick up and invent all kinds of games with. Because it is flexible, light and colourful, because it is adapted to their size... and because it looks like a REAL surfboard, it's a sure success!

Just be calm. 
With its soft and supple coating, the ToyBoard is also an ideal place to calm down, read a book or watch a movie, while maintaining its posture.



Discover or rediscover the sensations of Take-off.
Novice or experienced in surfing, the ToyBoard® allows you to work out of the water take-off and its tricks. Without danger, or any other manipulation than to put it on the ground, it becomes easier to concentrate on this key movement of surfing: standing on a board!

Improve your investment and balance.
The ToyBoard® also allows you to work on your position on the board, but also your balance when standing upright. This work stimulates and strengthens the muscles that are stimulated by water. At home or in a club, it allows you to reproduce your movements indefinitely to study and perfect your approach to surfing.

A real work of muscle sheath for the whole body.
Whether for the practice of surfing or simply for your lifestyle, it is essential to exercise regularly throughout the year. The ToyBoard® is a fun and enjoyable way to muscles sheath the whole body. The simple take-off movement uses the muscles of the arms, back of the abdominal belt and legs!

Finally, a fun parent-child activity at home.
The surfboard at home offers a moment of complicity between the parent and their child. Tests of balance, imitation game... there are many opportunities to learn by playing together.

I N  A C T I O N 


From 0 to 6 months parents can gently rock their child on the board, to help him fall asleep, and / or awaken his first reflexes. From an early age, the baby learns to maintain his head and to wrap his back.

From 9 months the child acquires his first reflexes, he begins to rock himself by lying on it and realizing movements front / rear / lateral. On four legs, the child learns to cross the first obstacles to climb on his ToyBoard®.

From 12 to 18 months he discovers the sitting and elongated positions and works his motor skills. Then it is the age of the first steps and the discovery of the balance. The ToyBoard® accompanies it in this step by strengthening its recovery capacity. It brings him even more confidence for the walk.

From 2 years The child develops his autonomy in the handling and use of the board.

THEN is learning the take-off to get up on the board and do like the big ones!

From 4/5 years The child begins to be comfortable. It is fun to walk in balance, to turn around, to jump, to lie down, to evolve on all fours, on one foot, one eye closed, or both. It can be dropped in a sitting position or on the knees, roll on, take the board and turn it: go for the gym!

And then the ToyBoard® will allow the child to play the surfer and develop all the imagination inspired by his practice: sliding in a tube, simulating rollers ... He will find by himself many figures to do on it, and that will help him well beyond the domain of surfing: for skateboarding, snowboarding, climbing ! The ToyBoard® helps children to practice all sports by strengthening their sense of balance and muscularity.

As a teenager / in clubs once the practice of surfing is established, the student of surf lessons will be able to perfect his take-off and his position at home or in club and in all the climatic conditions. Beyond the simple tool of awakening in children, the ToyBoard® thus becomes a real teaching tool for the practitioners.

For confirmed surfers in a club or at home, the practitioner can maintain his physical condition and improve himself through the adult model, denser and therefore more difficult to apprehend. It will be able to work balance and synchronization of gestures at any time of the day and where it wishes. Do not be mistaken: the ToyBoard® is a real success with practitioners also

 A B O U T  M A N U F A C T U R I N G


With the idea of ​​making a beautiful object, usable every day as an extra cushion or simply as a decoration to bring surfing spirit to the house, Surf-TB has developed its products with a careful choice of materials, a research deepened in form and density, in partnership with professionals in the sectors concerned. The finish is impeccable, from the small pocket that allows to hide the slider in a concern of aesthetics and security, passing by the stitched seams ...

Eager to adopt an eco-responsible approach, Surf-TB rigorously selected its suppliers and favored short circuits.

The materials of the ToyBoard® are mainly produced in France and are all assembled in the Southwest. A diagnosis of eco-design * was carried out by the Landes Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Bayonne Basque Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to this diagnosis, we were able to identify the stakes in the entire life cycle of our product, from the raw materials used to the end of the product's life. All inks are water-based, solvent-free. Sublimation makes it possible to use only the amount of ink required.

The mold used to inject the foam has considerably reduced the fall of this material (close to zero).

We are now accompanied in a process of responsibility and this should allow us to further limit the impact on the environment, including work on the end-of-life circuit, the search for new materials and the (too) many falls of fabric due to the shape of the board.

For the entire logistics part, Surf-TB collaborates with FACYLITIES MULTI SERVICES in Saint-Geours-de-Maremne (40), which employs 80% of people in the process of reintegration.

* financé par ADEME et CR, grâce à Think+