Imagine, play, surf to better ... work !

The ToyBoard® is a simple and revolutionary balance board that uses surf, play and imagination to go further! A few daily movements are enough to benefit from its benefits at any age. You can even see its effectiveness in terms of balance at first, then muscle strengthening and joints in a second time. You will not be able to do without it and will quickly discover with your relatives (of all ages and all levels) the possible extensions of your exercises on the ToyBoard®. This effort of imagination is the key to success: tying the mental and the physical is precisely the interest of working on a ToyBoard®. Learn to reconnect the body and the mind, without connected tools, but simply thanks to surfing! No instructions for use, no ready-made solution, the ToyBoard® is tamed, practiced and it is practicing that you will understand the many uses of this gadget become a basic thanks to its efficiency! To try it is to adopt it !

ToyBoard® the balance board that surfs the wave !

The ToyBoard® is a high-density foam specially designed for its strength, molded to measure and covered with a machine washable polyester cover for some, a treated PVC cover and ultra resistant for others. Everything is made in France and take the form of a surfboard to better destabilize you!

Its rounded shape causes a disequilibrium inspired by surf that allows working at any age:





Reintroduce at home, thanks to surfing, sport through fun!

At home, in sports clubs in health care or in collectivities users are unanimous: The idea is simple but terribly effective! Do not hesitate and join our growing community of indoor surfers!