slide-med.pngOur range PVC is specially developed for a work in doctors and medical establishments subject to strict rules of hygiene, made for intensive use and a daily cleaning.

ToyBoard® for medical professions

The ToyBoard® is as simple as it is revolutionary! More than a traditional balance board, it offers both a comfortable and playful support to work statically but also dynamically all positions (standing, lying, squatting, sitting, kneeling or on the arms). Its range of work and possibilities far outweigh the potential of today's balance boards while remaining accessible and enjoyable to use. The diversity of treatable pathologies and the patient concerned promises intensive use! Children, adults or seniors, all will want to try this little surf at once comfortable and destabilizing. Give your patients a complete, fun and effective treatment support, entirely designed in France, ideal for establishing a relationship of trust with the patient and increasing his recovery potential. Delight the most athletic and motivate your most sedentary patients.



Testimony of Sandrine Allindré, physiotherapist at Camphin en Carembault (59)

"As soon as I received my Toyboard®, I couldn't resist using it with my patients. At first sight, in traumatology, in proprioceptive ankle, knee and hip reeducations, but also in rheumatology, combined with numerous positions for weight training and sheathing to work on balance and rehabilitation. The instability of the Toyboard® makes it possible to work each muscle group of the lower limbs and spine in isometric contraction (maintaining a balanced position, working on stability) as well as in co-contraction (muscles contract by shortening or lengthening to retain movement.). The dimensions of the board make it possible to work in bipodal, unipodal, decubitus, quadripedia and kneeling positions, multiplying infinitely the exercises of proprioception. Patients are delighted with the novelty, increase their recovery potential and appreciate the aesthetic and playfulness of Toyboard®."


Work in private practice, in specialised centres (medicalised or not)but also at home for individualised follow-up.

- proprioception and psychomotricity in both children and adults.

- flexibility and mobility of joints or prevention of the risk of falls in older people

- strength training and tonicity in general

The ToyBoard® is as fun as it is effective for the work of the rehabilitation and rehabilitation professions: occupational therapist, massage therapist, speech therapist, orthoptist, pedicure-podiatrist, psychomotor therapist, etc. The ToyBoard® is designed to be used in a variety of ways.



T h e  p a t i e n t  r e l a t i o n s h i p

All our users have been won over by the patient approach to our ToyBoard®. They are delighted with the novelty and playfulness of the object. Their curiosity makes it easy to break the ice and offer patients during treatment a new alternative.

T h e  c o n f o r t  o f  u s e

Designed in foam, it offers a new level of user comfort in the field of proprioception. This injected foam is specially designed to with stand intensive use and always regains its original shape.

T h e  a m p l i t u d e  o f  w o r k

ToyBoard® makes it possible to work on all types of pathologies by offering a wide working surface. It makes it possible to work the displacement in an unbalanced situation and has several curves. An ideal tool to combine static and dynamic.

T h e  p e d a g o g y

It allows the patient to optimize the work carried out and also solicite the emotional. Surfing makes it possible to be able to link psychologically and physically for a 100% involvement of the patient in his treatment.

T h e  c u s t o m i z a t i o n

The manufacturing method of the ToyBoard® (100% French) allows customisation of the PVC covers. Logo, colors and delimited location can be applied on request.


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