Our PVC range is specially developed to allow intensive use outdoors and indoors and daily cleaning.

A ToyBoard® to (re)discover sport !

MUSCULE REINFORCEMENT – CORE TRAINING - CARDIO. Our ToyBoard® has become the ideal tool for home sports enthusiasts, casual sportsmen, club professionals and freelancers alike.


Testimony of Stephanie Da Silva, graduate sports coach and former professional dancer (64)

"At first I was surprised by both" the object "and what I was being told with the ToyBoard®. From the first use I did not expect so much instability and was immediately convinced by the work induced with it. Indeed, the ToyBoard® develops, my strength at the bottom of the body (including incredible way on the abdominal strap), allows a real work of reinforcement of the shoulders but is also a real tool for my stretches. Dancer of initial formation and today coach, she became the ally of my personal trainings but also of my courses in room or in individual. The work is rich and deep and the fun side delight me and my users. Essential accessory and 100% winner. "


with ToyBoard® CLASS

Very different from all current proposals in terms of cardio, muscle reinforcement or proprioception, the ToyBoard® CLASS meets a great success with members but also sports coaches. Be the first to offer them to your customers, but also to your coaches, who will know, we do not doubt, conquered by this new tool as fun as effective! 
In a few words...

- tenfold action on particularly deep muscles engaged by the imbalance (formidable efficiency on the abdominal belt, glutes and thighs)

- excellent work tool for cardio.

- a new activity (indoor surf in classes) and fun that attracts and motivates even the most sedentary.

- a variety of exercises that allows the most athletic to excel to the most demanding to quickly achieve results.

- Increases flexibility, mobility of joints, optimizes stretching and thus minimizes pain after exercise.

- Home both firm and soft for comfort and safety.


The ToyBoard® CLASS is developing rapidly like CHEZ SIMONE in Paris or TOG3THER STUDIO in Marseille. do not hesitate to ask us for more information!


to be more efficient in the water.

Discover or re-discover the sensations of the Take-off.
Novice or experienced in surfing, the ToyBoard® allows you to practice ‘out of water’ the technique when taking-off on a wave. Safe, and easy, just put it on the ground.On dry land it is easier to focus on this key movement of surfing: jumping to your feet and standing on a board!

Perfect your placement and balance.
The ToyBoard® can also work on its positioning on the board but also its balance once standing. This work stimulates and strengthens the muscles involved in the water. At home or in club she can reproduce her movements to infinity to study and perfect her approach to surfing. 

A real work of balance for the whole body. 
The ToyBoard® makes it possible to work precisely the muscles and joints essential for the practice of surfing. It will help to correct the main mistakes of beginners but also the most agile to improve their physical condition. The playful and practical side excites instructors who can now teach out of water when conditions are not favorable.



energize your physical preparation

The indispensable tool to perfect a physical preparation 

Whether for warm-ups, muscle activation, balance or stretching, the ToyBoard® has found its place among sports professionals in all disciplines. Many sports professionals use it in support or in addition to preparation or physical recovery. The coaches are thrilled and the athletes rediscover the fun while optimizing their daily sessions.



Q u i c k   R e s u l t s

Amateur and professional sportsmen are seduced by the playful and efficient aspect of the ToyBoard®. They are delighted with the novelty and rapid results that can be seen from the very first session. A real new alternative to the daily workout that can be fully practiced both at home and in the club.

A m p l i t u d e  o f  w o r k

ToyBoard® makes it possible to work in static or dynamic almost all the muscles of the body according to the exercise practiced. Coaches particularly appreciate this aspect, which allows them to do a complete physical preparation or recovery session with one unique tool. Transverse work: upper and lower body, anterior and posterior chains.

T h e  c o n f o r t  i n  u s e 

Made of foam, the ToyBoard® offers a pleasant working surface and, above all, a practical and safe way of working. This injected foam is specially designed to with stand intensive use and always regains its original shape.

T h e  c u s t o m i z a t i o n

The manufacturing method of the ToyBoard® (100% French) allows customisation of the PVC covers. Logo, colors and delimited spaces can be applied on request. 


For any request for quotes, questions or additional information do not hesitate to contact us: contact@toyboard.fr