ToyBoard® Fit for professional and non-professional athletes

WEIGHT TRAINING - SHEATHING - CARDIO. Our ToyBoard® has become the ideal tool for home sports enthusiasts, casual sportsmen and women as well as professionals in clubs or freelancers. The FIT model is suitable for indoor and outdoor use under strict hygiene rules, intensive use and daily cleaning.


Work in the gym, on an outdoor field, in a ring or in a club...

- tenfold action on the muscles, particularly deep muscles caused by imbalance (feasible effectiveness on the abdominal strap, buttocks and thighs)

Excellent work tool for cardio.

developing proprioception and psychomotricity in young athletes and adults alike

Increases flexibility, joint mobility, optimizes stretching and thus minimizes pain after exertion.


Q u i c k   R e s u l t s

Amateur and professional sportsmen are seduced by the playful and efficient aspect of the ToyBoard®. They are delighted with the novelty and rapid results that can be seen from the very first session. A real new alternative to the daily workout that can be fully practiced both at home and in the club.

A m p l i t u d e  o f  w o r k

ToyBoard® makes it possible to work in static or dynamic almost all the muscles of the body according to the exercise practiced. Coaches particularly appreciate this aspect, which allows them to do a complete physical preparation or recovery session with a unique tool. Transverse work: upper and lower body, anterior and posterior chains.

T h e  c o n f o r t  i n  u s e 

Made of foam, the ToyBoard® offers a pleasant working surface and, above all, a practical and safe way of working. This injected foam is specially designed to withstand intensive use and always regains its original shape.

T h e  t r a i n i n g

Working on the ToyBoard® is a precision work that deserves to be supervised for group practice. The We? ToyBoard® association distributes programs as well as certifications for best practice.

T h e  c u s t o m i z a t i o n

The manufacturing method of the ToyBoard® (100% French) allows customisation of the PVC covers. Logo, colors and delimited spaces can be applied on request. 

COLL-IMG@0,5x.png  toyboard-profil%20copie_1.jpg


100% polyester PVC coated

Waterproof - Fire resistance (M2) - UV resistance - Abs. of Cd/AZO/FCKW/PCP/PCT formaldehyde. Clean with a damp cloth.

T H E  O P I N I O N  O F  T H E  P R O F E S S I O N A L

Testimony of Stéphanie Da Silva, sports coach and former professional dancer (64)

"First of all, I was surprised by both the "object" and what I was being pushed forward with the ToyBoard®. From the very first use I did not expect so much instability and was immediately convinced by the work induced with it. Indeed, the ToyBoard® develops, my strength at the lower body level (in particular in an incredible way on the abdominal strap), allows a real work of strengthening the shoulders but is also a real tool for my stretching. A dancer with initial training and now a coach, it has become the ally of my personal training but also of my courses in the classroom or in individual classes. The work is rich and deep, and the playful side of it is delightful for me and my users. Essential accessory and 100% winning."


- Possibility to print your logo/sign

lead times of 5 weeks

- Possibility to choose a color on our colour chart

with minimum order - delays to be specified


For any request for quotes, questions or additional information

do not hesitate to contact us: contact@toyboard.fr