bandetb.jpgToyBoard® for the whole family
Surfing at home in socks and surrounded by his own? This is the challenge of the ToyBoard®, a new multi-function tool that appeared in 2015 and won the Lépine Competition in 2016. Balance, psychomotor skills, strength training, but also simply play and imagination, all properties that have allowed the ToyBoard® to take up residence in many homes in France and Europe. 


Alone or with your family, train yourself to stand on a miniature surfboard. Guaranteed results for your next session! But beyond its primary function, the ToyBoard® is for children and adults alike, a playful and space-saving indoor physical activity that allows them to work at home, without even realizing it, proprioception, psychomotor skills, balance and strength training.



t h e  a t t r a c t i v i t y

Success is guaranteed for children (small and big). The playful and creative side of the ToyBoard®, which makes it possible to imagine multiple uses, encourages even the most cautious to use it. As long as the cover is a' mini-surf' and they would almost believe it!

q u i c k  r e s u l t s

There is general agreement, whether in terms of balance or fitness, the ToyBoard® is proving to be a marvelous tool for optimizing sheathing and strength training while working balance and psychomotor skills at home! The results, visible quickly, have even convinced professionals who develop fitness and sports preparation programs on our ToyBoard® or even physiotherapists and psychometricians who use it as part of their treatments.

t h e  r e s i s t a n c e  o f  t h e  f o a m 

The manufacturing process of the ToyBoard® entirely designed in France allows to have a high quality foam calibrated on the foam used for airplane or train seats. It regains its original shape and can be used as an additional object to sit on the floor in your home.

t h e  w a s h a b l e  c o v e r s

Interchangeable and machine-washable at 30°C, the covers of the ToyBoard® offer a soft feel but also a very high resistance to handling such as covering/uncovering.

t h e  c u s t o m i z a t i o n

The manufacturing method of the ToyBoard® (100% French) allows a complete personalization of the polyester covers. Pictures, sketches, drawings of your children... Go to the shop and choose the CUSTOM model.



100% polyester, velvet touch


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