bandetb.jpgOur range POLYESTER is specially developed for indoor use and offers a soft and pleasant touch. Cover treated stainproof, interchangeable and machine washable at 30C °.
activities for the whole family

The ToyBoard® for kids and adults alike, is a fun indoor physical activity, playful, not needing much space, which allows to work, at home ,all the while  working your proprioception, balance and muscle strength.


An ordinary story of ToyBoard® as a family.

Spotted and coveted by curious and concerned parents, the ToyBoard® accompanies the first steps of the most reckless children, pushes others to overcome their fears, develops tonicity and motor skills, while allowing the most creative to imagine surfing on the wave ! Later, it compliments the physical activities practiced by the children. The elder works his posture and dance steps in balance to gain fluidity and amplitude. The youngest works his take-off (standing on a surfboard) while waiting for summer and optimizes his rehabilitation and proprioception after too many sprains in football. It was also at his physio that his father learned that he too could use the ToyBoard®. He does muscle-shaping exercises by working his deep muscles when he manages to take her away from his wife ... More imaginative, she has made a perfect ally for her pilates classes, and more recently, she discovered that she was also fearsome to work centering and concentration for yoga. She even convinced her own father to use it for her joint problems. Comfortable and playful, well used, it helps fight effectively against stiffness and the effects of age.

Made in France with quality materials, the ToyBoard® offers a great resistance over time, which allows the whole family to enjoy it safely, in its living room, as a seat, or just as decoration.

Whatever its use, it will find its place, and for a long time!


t h e  a t t r a c t i v i t y

Success is guaranteed on children as on adults. The playful and creative side of the ToyBoard®, which makes it possible to imagine multiple uses, encourages even the most cautious to use it. 

q u i c k  r e s u l t s

In terms of balance or fitness, the ToyBoard® is proving to be a ground breaking tool for optimizing strength training while working balance and psychomotor skills at home! The results, visible quickly, have even convinced professionals who develop fitness and sports preparation programs on our ToyBoard® or even physiotherapists and psychometricians who use it as part of their treatments.

r e s i s t a n c e  o f  t h e  f o a m 

The manufacturing process of the ToyBoard® entirely designed in France allows to have a high quality foam calibrated on the foam used for airplane or train seats. It regains its original shape and can be used as an additional object to sit on the floor in your home.

w a s h a b l e  c o v e r s

Interchangeable and machine-washable at 30°C, the covers of the ToyBoard® offer a soft feel but also a very high resistance to handling such as covering/uncovering.

c u s t o m i z a t i o n

The manufacturing method of the ToyBoard® (100% French) allows a complete customization of the polyester covers. Pictures, sketches, drawings of your children... Go to the shop and choose the CUSTOM model.


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