bandetb.jpgOur range POLYESTER is specially developed for indoor use and offer a soft and pleasant touch. Cover treated anti-stains, interchangeable and machine washable at 30C °.
activities for whole family

The ToyBoard® is for the child as for the adult, an indoor physical activity playful, space-saving, which allows to work, at home, and without even realizing it, proprioception, psychomotricity, balance and bodybuilding .


An ordinary story of ToyBoard® as a family.

Spotted and coveted by curious and concerned parents, the ToyBoard® accompanies the first steps of the most reckless children, pushes others to overcome their apprehensions, to develop tonicity and motor skills, while allowing the most creative to imagine on the wave ! Later, it complements the physical activities practiced by the children. The elder works his posture and dance steps in balance to gain fluidity and amplitude. The cadet works his take-off (standing on a surfboard) while waiting for summer and optimizes his rehabilitation and proprioception after too many sprains in football. It was also at his physio that his father learned that he too could use the ToyBoard®. He does muscle-shaping exercises by working his deep muscles when he manages to take her away from his wife ... More imaginative, she has made a perfect ally for her pilates classes, and more recently, she discovered that she was also fearsome to work centering and concentration for yoga. She even convinced her own father to use it for her joint problems. Comfortable and playful, well used, it helps fight effectively against stiffness and the effects of age.

Made in France with quality materials, the ToyBoard® offers a great resistance over time, which allows the whole family to enjoy it safely, in its living room, as a seat, or just as decoration.

Whatever its use, it will find its place, and for a long time!

at each age its use

From 0 to 6 months, parents can gently rock their child on the board, to help him fall asleep, and / or awaken his first reflexes. From the earliest age, the baby learns to maintain his head and sheath his back.

From 9 months the child acquires his first reflexes, he begins to cradle himself by lying on it and making forward / back / side movements. On all fours, the child learns to overcome the first obstacles to ride on his ToyBoard®.

From 12 to 18 months he discovers the sitting and lying positions and works his motricity. Then it is the age of the first steps and the discovery of balance. The ToyBoard® accompanies it in this step by reinforcing its recovery capacity. She brings him even more confidence for the walk.

From 2 years The child develops his autonomy in the handling and use of the board. THEN it's learning the take-off to get up on the board and do as adults! 

From 4/5 years The child begins to feel comfortable. He enjoys balancing, turning around, jumping, lying down, moving on all fours, on one foot, one closed eye, or both. He can drop in a sitting position or on his knees, roll over, take the board and spin it: go for the gym session! 

And then the ToyBoard® will allow the child to play surfer and develop all the imagination inspired by his practice: to slip into a tube, to simulate rollers ... He will find by himself many figures to make on it, and that will help him well beyond the field of surfing: for the skateboard, the snowboard, the bike or even the climbing ! The ToyBoard® helps children to practice all sports by strengthening their sense of balance and musculature.

As a teenager the student of surfing lessons can improve his take-off and his position at home or club and whatever the weather conditions. The ToyBoard® becomes a real educational tool for the practitioners, but also to accompany all the collective or individual sports practiced at this age. The tonicity, elasticity of the ligaments and the flexibility of the joints developed on the ToyBoard® will allow them to excel in their discipline and to prevent many traumas like sprains or tendonitis.

Beyond the simple tool of awakening and motricity in children, La ToyBoard® has quickly established itself as a tool of treatment in medical practices and a formidable tool of physical maintenance for the sporting ones.

In adulthood it is indeed in the gym or with a sports coach, that meet the most athletic. Ideal to maintain its physical condition, its musculature, its sheath, La Toyboard® seduces the active population often sedentary in spite of it, by offering a physical activity of interior to practice alone or in group, playful and effective. The others use it willingly in addition to a reeducation at the physiotherapist, as an extension of amateur and professional surfing, or simply as a seat, since the ToyBoard® easily integrates into your home with its designated covers . 

Among seniors, the ToyBoard® has also found its audience: comfortable to use it is recommended for strengthening the muscles and joints but especially in preventing the risk of falls. Framed, our seniors can also work on travel and mobility while finding a second youth through surfing!


t h e  a t t r a c t i v i t y

Success is guaranteed on children as on adults. The playful and creative side of the ToyBoard®, which makes it possible to imagine multiple uses, encourages even the most cautious to use it. As long as the cover is a' mini-surf' and they would almost believe it!

q u i c k  r e s u l t s

There is general agreement, whether in terms of balance or fitness, the ToyBoard® is proving to be a marvelous tool for optimizing sheathing and strength training while working balance and psychomotor skills at home! The results, visible quickly, have even convinced professionals who develop fitness and sports preparation programs on our ToyBoard® or even physiotherapists and psychometricians who use it as part of their treatments.

t h e  r e s i s t a n c e  o f  t h e  f o a m 

The manufacturing process of the ToyBoard® entirely designed in France allows to have a high quality foam calibrated on the foam used for airplane or train seats. It regains its original shape and can be used as an additional object to sit on the floor in your home.

t h e  w a s h a b l e  c o v e r s

Interchangeable and machine-washable at 30°C, the covers of the ToyBoard® offer a soft feel but also a very high resistance to handling such as covering/uncovering.

t h e  c u s t o m i z a t i o n

The manufacturing method of the ToyBoard® (100% French) allows a complete personalization of the polyester covers. Pictures, sketches, drawings of your children... Go to the shop and choose the CUSTOM model.


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