In the idea of ​​making a beautiful object, usable every day, as a comfortable cushion or just as a decoration to bring surf  spirit in houses, we developed our products with a careful choice of materials, a thorough researched shape and density, in partnership with professionals from the sectors concerned. The finish is impeccable, from the small pocket that hides the zip head for the sake of aesthetics and safety, through hand stitched seams ...

Concerned to adopt an eco-responsible approach, we rigorously selected our suppliers and favored local quality suppliers.


The materials of the ToyBoard® are mostly produced in France and are all assembled in the South-West. An eco-design * diagnosis was carried out by the Landes Chamber of commerce, in collaboration with the Chamber of commerce of Bayonne, Basque country. Thanks to this diagnosis, we were able to identify the issues over the entire life cycle of our product, from the raw materials used to the end of the product's life.

We are now supported in a process of responsibility and this should allow us to limit even the impact on the environment, including work on the end of life circuit, the search for new materials and the valuation of (too) many fabric falls from the shape of the board. The mold that is used to inject the foam (made to measure and specially designed to optimize the initial shape of the ToyBoard®) has considerably reduced the falls of this material (close to zero). This foam is injected in the Aveyron (department 12) in Séverac-le-chateau. It's the production station furthest away from our "home town", the Basque coast, but the quality and resistance of the foam produced allows us to be serene about its durability and therefore of our product.

The covers are when it is precut and then sublimated (printing technique) in Biarritz (64). All inks are water-based, solvent-free. Sublimation makes it possible to use only the quantity of ink necessary. Once printed, the different panels are assembled by the nimble fingers of our experienced seamstresses in Puyoô ( department 40). We would not let other people take care of this step as the negative feedback from users on the resistance of the seams are rare. Josefa and Melissa pay particular attention to it.


Finally, all our boards are centralized in Saint-Geours-de-Maremne ( department 40 France), before being delivered to our ever growing community of indoor surfers.

* financed by ADEME and CR, thanks to Think+