K I D S   S P E C I F I C I T I E S  
an original, fun and educational gift

Promote the development of the child through play and the search for balance.
To grow well a child needs to solicit his body as well as his mind. With the ToyBoard®, mastering the body and space becomes child's play!

Learn to find your own balance and to find your bearings in space.
The ToyBoard® is a learning object to gain autonomy and self-confidence. The spirit of the board is to let the child apprehend and find his balance alone. At the beginning, it is the fall assured! Then the child progresses, gains in precision of gestures, in refocusing, in sheathing. He learns to concentrate, to listen to his body and his sensations. He also becomes aware of the place of his body in space, of its weight, of the gestures that bring it to equilibrium ... These are all elements that will help him to develop physically and to increase his faculties of concentration. .

Develop your creativity and imagination.
The kids love it. When they discover it, one reads in their eyes the urge to jump and roll on it. The ToyBoard® is an object they take in hand quickly and with which they invent all kinds of games. Because it is flexible, light and colorful, because it is adapted to their size ... and because it looks like a TRUE surfboard, it's sure to be a success!

To be calm simply.
With its soft and supple coating, the ToyBoard is also an ideal place to calm down, read a book or watch a movie, while maintaining its posture.


A D U L T S   S P E C I F I C I T I E S  
indoor physical activity as fun as it is effective

Discover or re-discover the sensations of Take-off.
Novice or experienced in surfing, the ToyBoard® allows to work out of water the take-off and its jokes. Safe, and no other manipulation than putting it on the ground, it becomes easier to focus on this key movement of surfing: standing on a board! The ToyBoard® can also work on its positioning on the board but also its balance once standing. This work stimulates and strengthens the muscles involved in the water. At home or in club she can reproduce her movements to infinity to study and perfect her approach to surfing.

Maintain balance, overall motor skills.
A child's play on the ToyBoard®. Play, relax and work without even realizing it! Always at hand, it allows A real work of sheathing for the whole body. Whether for a sport or simply for your lifestyle, it is essential to practice regular physical activity throughout the year. The ToyBoard® makes it possible to cover the entire body in a fun and pleasant way. Imbalance multiplies the efforts and therefore the effectiveness of any exercise.

Finally a fun parent-child activity at home.
The surfboard at home offers a moment of complicity between the parent and his child. Balance tests, imitation game ... there are many opportunities to learn by playing together.