ToyBoard FIT + NEST Expand

ToyBoard FIT red + NEST



PVC Slipcover - sponge washable

The FIT model specifically designed for FITNESS
and PHYSICAL PREPARATION. Coupled with NEST ToyBoard®
its action is amplified and allows athletes
to achieve enhanced efficiency.

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249,17 €

100% made in France

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Golden medal Lépine 2016




MUSCULATION - GAINAGE - CARDIO. Our ToyBoard® has become the ideal tool for home sports enthusiasts, casual sportsmen, club professionals and freelancers alike.
The Nest ToyBoard® amplifies this unbalanced work and allows professionals and athletes to go further in their exercises.


This ToyBoard® FIT model is part of our PVC range, a cover suitable for intensive work indoors and outdoors, PVC coated washable with a simple damp cloth.
fire-resistant (M2)
enhanced firmness
Opening by zipper
Stitched seams
Cover "slider"
Sponge washable

The ToyBoard® has found its nest!
- increase the difficulty of using the ToyBoard®
- diversify the exercises
- use it with top athletes (heavyweights)
- increase your efficiency and professionalize your practice
The ToyBoard® and its accessories are entirely imagined, developed, designed, injected, sublimated and made in France. We trust French expertise to provide you with a quality product for the whole family. We work for responsible users who, we do not doubt, will know and will enjoy the ToyBoard® in a suitable context and safely.

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