The ToyBoard®, your sport-health ally.

Surf thérapie

for the whole family, athletes, coaches, physiotherapists and others.

It delights children, who work on balance and tone without even realizing it, just by playing. Athletes of all levels use it in physical preparation, as well as in recovery, whatever their discipline and size. Ultra efficient in weight training, cardio, core strengthening and also weight distribution, it allows surfers to continue to work out of the water and to keep an optimal physical condition while unable to surf. Its action on the deep muscles fullfills the home workout and occasional sportsmen, as well as professionals. Physiotherapists are delighted to be able to offer their patients a complete, fun proprioceptive tool that allows them to vary their treatments. It also obtained a very high percentage of psychomotor specialists validation, as much for its effectiveness as for its popularity among patients. Finally, it is even happily welcomed by our seniors, especially for joint work and to prevent the risk of falls.

Learn to reconnect body and mind, without any connected tools, but simply thanks to surfing! 

1 size fits all, 2 coverings available.


The ToyBoard® is made of a foam specially developed to welcome children and adults up to 110KG in an optimal way. Its density, 70k/m3, offers resistance and longevity. Its format, 101cm x 38,2cm x 15,5cm, has been specially studied to provide the necessary surface to work standing, sitting, kneeling or lying down. The lightness of the material used and this format reduced to the essential make the ToyBoard® a useful, pleasant and easy to handle object, whatever its use.

To this foam, we added a cover, to increase its resistance and also to be able to personalize it, make it colourful. 

Two possibilities of covering are offered to you: