Short circuit and responsibility

With the idea of making a beautiful object, usable dayly and therefore of quality, ToyBoard® develops its products with a careful choice of materials and a thorough research of the shape and density, in partnership with professionals of the concerned sectors.

Anxious to adopt an eco-responsible approach, we have rigorously selected our suppliers and favoured short circuits.

The materials of the ToyBoard® are produced in majority in France and are all assembled in the French Southwest. A diagnosis of eco-design was conducted by the CCI of Landes, in collaboration with the CCI Bayonne Pays-Basques. Thanks to this diagnosis, we were able to identify the stakes on the whole life cycle of our product, from the raw materials used to the end of the product's life. 

Sewing and cutting The finish is impeccable, from the little pocket that hides the slider for aesthetic and safety reasons, to the stitched seams... This is the work of our seamstresses in Puyoo (64). They cut and assemble the covers, rework the patterns, and constantly adjust the smallest seam to make it more aesthetic or more efficient.

Printing and silk-screening Covers are printed in Biarritz (64). All inks are water-based, without solvents. Sublimation allows to use only the necessary amount of ink. 
Screen printing is done in Peyrehorade (40)

Injection of the foam The mold used to inject the foam has considerably reduced the waste of this material (close to zero). This is the furthest post of production from our main office on the Basque coast: the factory that injects the foam is in the Aveyron at Severac-le-Chateau (12). They have all our confidence concerning the quality of the foam they provide us.

Stock and shipments For all logistics, ToyBoard ® collaborates with FACYLITIES MULTI SERVICES in Hossegor (40), which employs 80% of people in the process of reintegration.