The ToyBoard®, the famous simplest idea !

Thibault Tranchard, a young father and trained carpenter, cut out a fake surfboard with a rounded underside from the foam mattress of his boat for his little nephew who dreamed of surfing but didn't know how to swim yet. Beyond the family circle, the object creates interest.

Intimately convinced that he had invented THE ideal toy for children, the inventor launched a crowdfunding campaign and raised nearly 12,000 € to launch production. Surprise of size !: it even charms parents, and above all, many professionals in rehabilitation and psychomotor therapy, who see it as an excellent tool for their patients.

Thibault reacted immediately and developed a new density of foam, capable of supporting the weight of an adult. 

This was the beginning of the adventure. 

Awarded by the prestigious Lépine competition just a few months after its launch in late 2015, the ToyBoard® is welcomed with great success among individuals, medical professions, communities, and more recently, in the context of sports preparation and fitness. Proud of its positioning 'made in France' and very concerned about its impact on the environment Thibault is now developing a human-sized company with a 'reasoned' approach.

By choosing a ToyBoard® you also participate in developing this more human and sensible way to develop a business today in France.