ToyBoard® can be used at home, in medical offices and in sports environment.

An ordinary story of ToyBoard® in family life.

Spotted and coveted by curious and concerned parents, the ToyBoard® accompanies the first steps of the most daring children, pushes the others to overcome their apprehensions, to develop tonicity and motor skills, while allowing the most creative to imagine themselves on a wave! Later, it completes the physical activities practiced by pre-teens and teens: work on posture and dance steps in balance to gain fluidity and amplitude, work on the take-off (standing on a surfboard) while waiting for the summer, optimize rehabilitation following numerous frequent sprains at this age...

We have noticed that the potential of working on a ToyBoard® is often understood by the whole family after being involved with physiotherapy through musculation, sheathing, balance and game... By targeting the deep muscles the ToyBoard® allows to obtain quick and durable results in term of balance but also of physical condition : back, posture, flexibility, abdominal strap musculation, upper or lower body, everything is possible on a ToyBoard® ! Comfortable and fun, well used, it also helps our elderly to fight against stiffness and the effects of age. 

Made in France with quality materials, the ToyBoard® offers a great timeproof resistance, which allows the whole family to enjoy it safely, in its living room, as somewhere to seat on, or simply as decoration.

Whatever its use, it will find its place, and for a long time!

The ToyBoard®, the tool for creative physiotherapists.

Used by physiotherapists, osteopaths, occupational therapists, in psychomotor therapy or in rehabilitation, the ToyBoard® is a fun, complete and comfortable proprioception tool, particularly effective in: joint flexibility / prevention of falls / muscle building and toning / ankle and knee rehabilitation/ work of all the muscles of the body, especially the deep muscles /the sheathing of the back and the abdominal belt, but also in psychomotricity and coordination. 

With a simple balance board and only 1m2 of floor space, you can treat the most common pathologies and vary the exercises endlessly. Unipedal or bipodal work, feet more or less apart, different angulations, lunge. By changing the position and the distance between the feet, the level of instability is modified. We can also work in a sitting, prone or dorsal position. This will stimulate your imagination and that of your patients. They will naturally be creative.
Children, adults or seniors, all will want to try this comfortable and destabilizing little surfboard.Offer your patients a complete, fun and effective treatment aid, entirely designed in France, ideal for establishing a relationship of trust and increasing their recovery potential. 

Use The ToyBoard®, to surf inside!

The ToyBoard® CLASS is coming to town!

Cardio, gainage, toning and posture... the promise is kept and the sports coaches are not mistaken. The ToyBoard® is an excellent way to motivate the most reluctant to sport by playing and surfing but also to seduce the most demanding in terms of difficulty. Working off balance significantly increases the results obtained with simple maintenance exercises, which you will achieve by having fun as well,thanks to the ToyBoard®!

Start your daily workouts with a smile, work your deep muscles from head to toe while working your flexibility and your joints...

Beginners and experienced athletes will all enjoy it their own way.