As you know, at ToyBoard®, we are not big fans of sales. We play the game essentially to allow as many people as possible to equip themselves, the only valid reason in our eyes to sell off the work of our suppliers, all local, and ours at the same time. Our production method, our commitment to a minimized global impact, our margins calculated as accurately as possible to maintain an acceptable price, our stocks reduced to what is strictly necessary... all this does not allow us to be competitive for this type of commercial operation. And somewhere, we welcome it ;)

So this year again, after having emptied the stocks up to the prototypes, Thibault has concocted a little 'house grub' to offer you a reduced price on new models, combinations of ends of rolls of unused fabric. We thus optimize our stock and our purchases. Everyone finds it: the proposed commercial operation is fair and reciprocal. It's validated !