ToyBoard® Nils INNE
ToyBoard® Nils INNE
ToyBoard® Nils INNE
ToyBoard® Nils INNE
ToyBoard® Nils INNE
ToyBoard® Nils INNE
ToyBoard® Nils INNE
ToyBoard® Nils INNE
ToyBoard® Nils INNE
ToyBoard® Nils INNE

ToyBoard® Nils INNE

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Nils Inne.

Collaboration with Nils Inne, a skateboarding artist based in the Basque Country.

Care: removable cover, machine wash at 60°C

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The ToyBoard® is a balance board, inspired by surfing, and manufactured in a short circuit in the south-west of France. It allows you to work on bodybuilding/tonicity/balance in all positions (standing, sitting, lying down, etc.). Playing with children, giving them self-confidence and autonomy, playing sports at home, working on deep muscles and balance, strengthening joints... the uses at home are varied!

The ToyBoard® consists of a foam developed to accommodate without distinction children and adults up to 110KG in an optimal way. Its density, 70k/m3, offers resistance and longevity. Its format, 101cm x 38.2cm x 15.5cm has been specially designed to free up the surface necessary for working standing, sitting, kneeling or lying down, no more, no less. The lightness of the material used and this format reduced to the essential make the ToyBoard® a useful, pleasant and handy object, whatever its use. On this foam, we just slip a cover, to make it more resistant and also to be able to personalize it, to give it colors.

This model benefits from a post-consumer recycled polyester cover, very resistant, easy to use and maintain, which offers a new dimension to our ToyBoard®. This cover, easily removable thanks to the elasticity of the fabric, is machine-washable up to 60C° for an impeccable ToyBoard® for longer.

 Ecolabel_Black.jpg STA100_Label_BW_EN_1076182.jpg C2CCertMark_Bronze_blackontransparent_rgb.png

Coating guaranteed for 10 years by the supplier / EU Ecolabel / STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® /  Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze

sublimation printing on two-tone fabric
solvent-free water-based inks

Contributing artist Nils Inne grew up in Nice, immersing himself in skate culture from an early age. Free from conevntions, but rich in culture, he developed a hyper-colorful style in Biarritz. His authentic and singular approach, far removed from ephemeral trends, has seduced a wide audience. His works, honored by Cliché Skateboards and Bensimon, reflect his unique artistic vision. By collaborating with him on the design of the ToyBoard ®, we merge his creative universe with our passion for bringing art to the fore.

Le FRENCH savoir-faire

ToyBoard® is INTEGRALLY manufactured in France, in a short circuit (200 km radius) with suppliers who are involved at every level. Every item is studied to ensure that only the essentials are used, so that we are always aware of our ecological impact. At ToyBoard®, all our operators are involved in delivering a useful, efficient and intuitive product. Producing in France in 2023 means producing a quality product, sensibly, just with a little common sense. More info

No instructions

It's up to you! In your parcel you won't find any instructions (videos are available on the site), or an invoice (downloadable from the site if necessary), just the box. This effort of imagination is precisely what ToyBoard® is all about. Finding your own exercises, pushing yourself, setting yourself challenges... that's what working on ToyBoard® is all about: working without realizing it, just by challenging yourself!
It's all about balance!

Product Details

Polyuréthane densité 70 kg/m³ (MASTER)
L : 101 cm x P : 38,2 cm x H : 15,5 cm
3 kgs